Your home is your space and sanctuary. It is the only place where you can find some peace and freedom where you can be yourself. For this reason, it is important that it reflects you are a person and how you feel as a whole. Putting your personality in your home will make it warmer, personal and more comfortable.

The first thing you should think about is getting mementos and collections to bring a sense of you into the home. Showcasing such items can bring some kind of love and warmness into your house.  You can do this by keeping a few personal collections on the walls and shelves in the living room and other public accessible areas. Be careful not to overdo it because it will take way too much attention from the beauty and the style of the home.  Some mementos include a few shells from your childhood and other souvenirs.  This is the perfect opportunity if you are a collector or builder; you can showcase your materials for guests and families.

A home without any form of decoration, will look like a cold hotel room or just a basic rental property. Imagine walking into a house with just the furniture.  It could be a clean, well arranged house with beautiful and fashionable furniture but will still look like just any other hotel room to everyone who walks into your home. The absence of your personal touch, picture frames and other basic decorations make the house look cold and the owner distant.  To change that, you can start by decorating the home with your snapshots or family shots. This is the simplest way to give your living space some personality.

Corkboards and bulletin boards will make your home look lively. The boards should have some details in your lives. You can put up some magazine cut-outs achievements, inspirations, invitations, children’s calendars and other details in your lives. You can arrange them however you like as long as they make the home stylish, presentable and personal.

Accent pillows have become very popular in the 21’s century. If you have a one colored theme home, you should break the monotony with some accent pillows. They come in many designs and shape. The colors and prints you choose will determine what kind of personality you have. For millennials, neon and pastel colors are the style of the century. If you are a little traditional, you could get plain block colors or fun prints. You can never go wrong with Bohemian , textured and patterned prints.

You would think that candles and lamps are just for illumination purposes, but that is not the case. You can use them to make your home more lively and artistic. Candles give a warm, cosy and romantic ambience while lamps change the entire mood of the home. Modern candle lamps hold candle-shaped torches powered by batteries and come in various designs. the great thing about lamps is that they come in several colors and shapes, you can get one in each room to complement the colors and design.