Adding some décor in your home has a way of brightening up the space and tying it up into one piece. A well decorated room doesn’t just look good, it says a lot about its owner. Well decorated spaces don’t necessarily have to be expensive or extremely complex. They carry a little of Je ne sais quoi that is appealing to you and to the onlooker. Here are 4 simple décor tips to help you transform your space.

Mix and match those textures

The most important part about decorating your home is being able to tell your story and let the space reflect who you are. You might want an all out modern, chic design, but don’t forget to add at least one item that you find precious. Bring in the new and mix it up with the old. You could have your grandmothers favorite quilt upholster little pillows to add to your new sofa set. These pillows will add some rustic charm to that high end setting. The past blends beautifully with the present to coexist in a harmonious design.

Add a mirror or two to open up the room

Decorative mirrors create the illusion that the small space is larger. Rooms that have limited natural light benefit a lot from these mirrors. Placing them directly across the windows adds some much needed brightness to your room. In other instances, these mirrors may replace art to fill up empty spaces on your wall. A well placed mirror adds complexity to your plain beige walls.

Make dew with what you have

If you cannot afford to get new pieces to decorate your living space, you’ll want to improvise with what is there to elevate your interior décor. Turning old items into new decorative art pieces is quite simple. Most of it includes framing or hanging. Old book covers and pictures can be framed and strategically placed around the room. You mothers favorite chipped plates can be hung on display or placed on the wall to create nice wall art. Large items like wooden trunks or bed side tables help add a lot of texture and that much needed dimension.

Find an asymmetrical rag for your hardwood floors

 Although hardwood floors are easy to maintain, they are not as comfortable as carpeted floors. Adding area rugs around your space bring a playful yet functional dimension to your space. With all the different patterns and colors area rugs have to offer, you can add as many rags as you see fit. However, don’t get carried away and forget the decorative role the rug must play. Choose fabrics and colors that complement the general mood in your space. The rugs are not only a beautiful addition to your home, but also comfy to sit on and spend time alone reading a book or with someone else making memories.

Final thoughts

Decorating your home is not all about adding new complex pieces to it. Simple modifications like a change in texture or some natural light do so much more than you’d think. Do not underestimate the power of simple choices in interior decoration. However, a few bold pieces will help bring dimension to the space and give it some edge.