Gifts are the things that can make your loved ones feel special and happy no matter it is given on any occasion or randomly. But the problem arises when you have to select the best gift from the wide varieties available in the market. It is because some gifts are forgotten with time as the person begins to lose the attachment with it. If you want your gift to be special then you can consider giving a personalized engraved gift.

These personalized gifts make your loved ones feel special. The best thing about such gifts is that you can get the thing you want to gift like a pendant, ring, etc. and get a lovely message or name initials, etc. engraved on it.

Different types of engravings

Font engraving 

You can select this type of engraving for your gift. There are several kinds of fonts from which you can select your desired one and get the message engraved. The best thing is that these types of engraving are done on lighter materials like wood, acrylic, and many more that allows you to carry it comfortably.

Monogram engraving 

It is usually a traditional type of engraving and is done by a professional because it is done by combining two or more letters. It looks more beautiful and attractive in comparison to other engraving types. To make your loved ones feel special, you can combine the initials of your name with the initial of your loved one and can gift them on their birthdays. Moreover, you can also combine three letters with first, last, and middle initial order. These types of engravings are usually done on hard materials like metal, copper, and many more.

Geographic engraving 

Sometimes, words are not enough to make your loved ones feel special. At that time, geographic engraving does a lot more for you. Hundreds of designs are available in the market that can be done in various patterns like heart, diamond, cityscapes, religious symbols, and many more. Also, in this type of engraving different materials are cut in various shapes to write different messages and letters. Sometimes, you can also find graphic monograms engraving in the market which is usually a combination of monograms and graphic engraving.

Color-fill engraving 

It is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching engraving types that you can find in the market. This type of engraving is done on transparent materials like crystal, plastic, glass, and others. In this style, engraving is done on the material with a pointed object. After engraving the object, different types of colors are filled to highlight the engraved part. After applying the color, an additional coating is also done to protect it from fading its color and retain the shining for a longer time. The best part of this engraving is that you can also draw some artwork besides lettering and font designing.

You can make your loved ones feel special by getting a beautiful engraved gift for them. If you are confused in selecting a gift, make sure that you explore the online stores where you will get some amazing options.