Personalising your home decor not only makes the space more homely, it also lets you have some fun with the home decorations and designs. Decoration may not be in your field of talent, but there is always a chance you can learn a thing or two from other people. Besides, you will save yourself a lot of money by designing your own home. The most challenging thing about doing it on your own is making the house persona; and yet beautiful and captivating. The main goal is to make a home that reflects who you are, follow a few modern trends and spend as little money as you can.

Treat your home decoration like a financial decision because, to some extent it is.  Take time to consider who you truly are and what excites you.  think about your inspiration in your day to day lie, what lights up your world and what makes you feel peaceful and at home. Getting to know the specifics of what you like.  A hobby may not be a traditional or even modern home decor, but it does the job just fine.  You can incorporate it into the sleek simple design on any part of your home. 

If you think you have given it enough thought, and you already have some inspiration your next step is to create a vision board. Going straight to the implementation might be hard because at this point your inspirations are just ideas that have not been developed.  Creating a visions board is the best way to make your ideas come to life.  Go all out on the vision board with pictures, location and anything you need to acquire the items.

Once you have created the visions, it is time to collect the special pieces and gather them before you arrange the home and make it more personal. At this point, you will feel the pressure and need to transform the home overnight but that is just unrealistic.  You should start with a simple item or art piece that inspires you as you work your way up to the items on the vision board.

Remember, you are trying to make the space feel more homely. This includes adding some positive energy and with bright and fun colors. The goal is to make it more comfortable and bring some wholesomeness every time you walk in.  Plants are a necessary part of home decorations because they make the home more energetic and bring in some artistic colors and textures.  Nature makes you warm, happy and relax; incorporating it into your home will do just that. Another simple and affordable way of customising your space is using items that hold significance to you. for instance, a piece of art you painted, a pottery you made  in a class or just a painting you bought from the art market.  If nothing is working out for you, you can talk to a professional interior designer to help you put all these things together. It may go against your budget but it will help you achieve the kind of home you want.