Engraving is the art that is used to beautify objects and it is also the best way to personalize things. One can personalize the things by getting their desired design or characters engraved on them. Now, there are techniques that provide smooth engraving which refines the look of the object. It is done through a computer and an engraving machine. There are different types of machines available for engraving. The design or words or characters are input in the computer and the rest of the work is done by the engraving machine.

If you want to give a unique gift to the person you care and love, then you can gift an engraved object to him or her. It can be jewelry item with a stone having her or his initials or a wooden craft with his or her name incised on it or some leather object like wallet etc. You can get anything engraved on it, any design or logo in your mind. Whether it be a memento, trophy, jewelry, precious stone, or some other thing, you can contact a good engraver to get your desired message engraved on it.

Types of engraving

Engraving is very good for decoration and security purposes. There are different types of engraving that can be done the objects in the present time:

Etching – It is the type of engraving that involves acid and such chemicals for incising characters on the material. It can be done on crystals, some specific stones, and glasses. It is done through strong acid or chemical that cuts the surface of the object in some particular design. It is faster than other methods of engraving and also durable. It is also cheaper than other methods. There is no wastage of material in this method. This method can be repeatedly used to get the desired depth of the engraving.

Rotary engraving – This type of engraving is used when a person wants to have a smooth and nice finish. It is mostly done on metals like gold, silver, copper, bronze, etc. It is done on jewelry items, trophies, knives, plates, and other such things. It is done through a spinning cutter which is fixed in a spindle to cut the metals. Diamond engraving is a good example of rotary engraving. This method has its limitation also. No complex engraving can be done with it. However, it is good for basic designs and letters only.

Laser engraving – Laser engraving is the most popular type in the present time. It can be done on almost any type of material. It can be done on leather, plastic, wood, metals, stones, and more. It gives a neat and clean finish. You can notice this engraving on badges, phone covers, toys, and more. The engraving is done through the laser of very high-intensity light. The laser beam melts the material and gives the object the desired surface. Any measure of depth can be cut through it. It is the best option for engraving. It is precise and affordable as well.